The 90 Day Challenge

People have many things that they would like to accomplish in life. I’m no different. However, one of those things has always eluded me. I would like to be physically fit. When i was younger I was very thin. Despite efforts to put on weight, to build muscle, I remained skinny well into my 20’s. Hitting my 30’s my metabolism suddenly shifted and so did my weight. I shot right past my ideal weight and pushed upwards toward an obese rating. I developed the famous “dad bod” with its characterisitic bloated stomach and couch potato arms.

Even so, I was still not physically unfit I reasoned. There we many around me who looked the same way. It was just a body type wasn’t it? However, a part of me wanted that “middle of the pack” look. I wasn’t trying to become a body builder with Charles Atlas arms and legs. I just wanted a body in good shape. Something that could be maintained without hours in the gym and a diet that would require multiple nutritionists to maintain.

I began researching. I went to a gym and got trainers. I made excellent progress. I lost weight, gained strength, and felt I was heading in the right direction.

Then came Covid. I moved, then moved again. Not just a few doors but entire states from my old haunts. No more trainers. New sets of challenges. Progress slowed, then stopped. I stayed that way for a couple years.

Then I got a shock as people I knew began to die. I realized I had slowly started to slip back into the couch potato days. I fought back. I tried more exercise; I got on a healthier diet. I began to pay much more attention to my hydration, my sleep, and my eating habits.

But I still failed to get close to the kind of body I wanted to have. Now I am approaching 70 and I’m determined to fix this issue once and for all.

But I don’t want to fix it just for me, I want to fix it for anyone else who wants to break the failed fitness cycle.

So, I have researched, and I am conducting an experiment in achieving physical fitness for the masses.

That’s what this blog is all about.

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