“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

— Issac Newton

I would like to give credit to the artists who have provided cover artwork for my books and to those who have provided artwork for this website. Your work and talent are greatly appreciated.


  • Dragon Icon – from Pixabay
  • Home Page Top art by Stephan Keller at Pixabay
  • Home Page Clockwork art by Stephan Keller at Pixabay
  • Books Panel Top art by peter-pyw at Pixabay
  • Book Panel – Visit the Shop art by Mystic Art Design at Pixabay
  • Credits Page – Top picture by Stephan Keller at Pixabay

Book Covers

  • Pirouette – Jason Jabaut
  • A Wisp of Flame – Jason Jabaut
  • Ben’s War – Laci Willette
  • From Ash and Ruin – Jason Jabaut
  • Scythe of Chronos – The author (who will never make that mistake again…)
  • Hayden’s War – Laci Willette
  • Tales of Isgalduin – Ron Collins
  • Valley of Ice – Ron Collins
  • Tricks of the Windows Programming Gurus – contracted by Andre’ Lamothe

Special notes: Laci’s artwork is also available under commission. You can contact her via email – Lwillette.1@gmail.com and check out some of her art by clicking on the Deviant Art link.