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The Chime Gate

An archeological discovery of epic proportions. The possibility of extraterrestrial contact. The massacre of the discovery expedition.

Who did it? Why?

The U.S. military wants to know. They fear the answer.

The only clue is the strange journal brought back by a recon mission to the other side of...

The Chime Gate.

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A cross section of titles and the start of my first GameLit series.

From Ash and Ruin

“When we finally came out of the root cellar, the house was gone, the barn was gone, and the king was dead.
The fields had been burned. The dray horses were charred bones weeks old. The cow was missing, undoubtedly a meal for troops. In the distance the castle which had once stood proudly was now a blackened lump, its towers like broken fingers in a burnt hand reaching upward for one last sign of hope.”


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Scythe of Chronos

Griffin Sanders is a man with a mission.

He is trying hard to forget a long and disastrous tour in Afghanistan as a medic with an elite Ranger unit. When a beautiful woman and a mysterious group from a giant airship visit him at the Burning Man Festival, Griffin sees it as more of the festival’s entertainment. However, when he discovers the giant battlecruiser hovering above the festival is not a balloon but a real warship he’s launched into adventure.

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All’s fair in love and dance competition?

Competitive ballroom dancing is a cut-throat world of flashing feet, brilliant costumes, and perfect lines – both on and off the floor. But, when drugs and murder are added to the mix, is it just one more step on the way to stardom?

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Hayden’s War

It’s not a game… And we said we would fight to the death…

Hayden Vance is a fairly typical high school student. He gets good grades, has a few friends, and likes to play computer games. But when Francine introduces him to a new game she found online, Hayden’s world gets turned upside down. He finds himself leading a small band of teens through an elaborate computer simulation created by an alien race as a challenge – a war game which will actually decide humanity’s fate. It’s a war that Hayden and his friends must win.

But he won’t even be allowed to play unless he can get his English grade up…

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Ben’s War

Why did they let us win?

For Benjamin Swift, this is the thought that keeps him from sleep. When he and his friends Hayden, Francine, and Josh won a computer simulation versus an alien intelligence, they stopped an interstellar invasion and became international celebrities. But for Ben, the victory is a hollow one. His once quiet life is now filled with interviews, public appearances and questions whether the alien’s medical technology is actually the first step in a more subtle plan to conquer Earth.

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David C. R. Nash

Multi-genre Author of Fiction and Non-fiction

With novels spanning a half dozen different genres, and published works of fiction and non-fiction going back for more than twenty years, David has had an exciting career. Combining his background in computer technology, programming, game design and development, and even ballroom dancing, he showcases his varied interests through his writing.  His characters are colorful and complex, and the twists and turns of his stories often surprise the reader.