Ben’s War

Why did they let us win?

For Benjamin Swift, this is the thought that keeps him from sleep. When he and his friends Hayden, Francine, and Josh won a computer simulation versus an alien intelligence, they stopped an interstellar invasion and became international celebrities. But for Ben, the victory is a hollow one. His once quiet life is now filled with interviews, public appearances and questions whether the alien’s medical technology is actually the first step in a more subtle plan to conquer Earth.

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 Why did they let us win?

For fans of computer games, movies like War Games, and Ready Player One, Ben’s War combines the action of a computer game with the tension of a sci-fi first contact. Throw in some James Bond style international politics and espionage, and the beginnings of a new romance and you have the formula for the excitement of the second book of the Mu’Zim conflict, Ben’s War.

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