Tales of Isgalduin

A series of short stories based on the adventures set in the D&D world of Isgalduin.  Originally created by a group of D&D friends, the stories branch to many ideas as well as tales and even a few historical references.


The sword and sorcery book, Isgalduin, was published in 2013 and created the backdrop for all the stories in this anthology. Soon after its publication it was obvious from the many tales hinted at , or sometimes mentioned in passing in Isgalduin, that more stories needed to be written concerning the characters and places, the history which we only see for the very brief period of the book.

The tales contained herein stretch over many thousands of Isgalduin years. Some occur many years before the story told in Isgalduin, and some occur thousands of years after. Over so many years even the geographical names change from story to story.

This anthology brings together a selection of the best stories submitted for Tales of Isgalduin. Included are stories by up-and-coming writers David Nash and C.I.V.M. Collins.

If Isgalduin continues to generate more spin off stories, then we will continue to publish them. Slowly the collective creativity of the writers will flesh out this world and make it richer for all who like to read.